432 HZ

It’s probably one of the first times, somebody recording the Cello Suites tuning his cello at 432 Hz pitch. You could read a lot about good reasons to play at 432 Hz, and I don’t want to make a list of them. I just would like to say, I believe 432hz is the keynote of our Earth. It could have profound positive effects on consciousness and also on the cellular level of our bodies. This frequency is often used in meditation, as it promotes peace & relaxation within the body. By retuning musical instruments and using concert pitch at A=432hz instead of A=440Hz, you can feel the difference of connecting awareness to natural resonance. The advantages of this pitch have also been discovered and used in the field of energy healing, among others by former NASA scientist and energy healing pioneer Dr. Barbara Brennan. It might be that you are missing the brilliance and the „sensual“ sound of a higher pitch (for example, If I can’t play at 432 Hz I try to play at 442,5 Hz, that is the resonance of Venus planet, but never 440 Hz or over 443 Hz if is possible). Anyway, my cello has played since it was made most of the time (more of 95%) at 432 Hz. And it seems is enjoying this 🙂